A Very Brady Break-in

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LOS ANGELES--Here's the story of a lovely California home known to most of us as the Brady house.

You saw the front of that house in almost every episode of the Brady Bunch.

Okay, most of you saw it in reruns on TV Land.

Anyway, someone broke into the house Wednesday night and started tearing up the place. When the 94-year-old woman who lives there woke up and turned on a light, the intruders took off.
It's not clear if they took anything.

The Bradys have moved on up in the world. Zillow says that house sold for 61 grand back in 1973 and is worth about 1.7 million bucks now.

But that's not the only Brady house that's increased in value. Remember the middle sister, Jan? (Altogether now: "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.")

The actress who played Jan, Eve Plumb, bought a beach house in Malibu back in 1969 for 55 thousand Brady Bucks. She was only *eleven*.

She just sold the place for $3.9 million.

The developer reportedly wants to tear it down and build a mansion there.

Hey, if you wanna make a fortune in real estate, maybe you'd better get one of the Bradys involved. Sounds like they're pretty good at it!