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Old School Meets New at Dallas’ Mount Auburn Elementary

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DALLAS -- Teachers at Mount Auburn Elementary in East Dallas are gearing up for another school year, at a schoolhouse that's seen more than most.

Mount Auburn's been educating youngsters since 1922!  Generations of Dallas folk have walked the school's halls.

Principal Michele Hill says tradition plays a big part in the school's environment.

"You have so many generations coming in and saying, 'Hey, I went to school here back in the 70's and it hasn't changed'," she said.

But some things are changing. The school is one of six pilot school's for DISD's new "active classrooms," where students sit on exercise balls and physical activity is injected into the curriculum.

Folks here hope a modern approach will help the kiddos make the most of their future. A future that starts Monday when they walk through some very old schoolhouse doors.

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