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19-Year-Old Parents Welcome Extremely Rare Identical Triplets

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NEWBERG, Ore. -- Having identical twins is already something pretty special, but having three identical babies is another thing itself.

Logan Brown-Fletcher is the proud father of rare identical triplets. It's so rare, there's only a one in six million chance of it ever happening. Logan and his fiance Amber Hills, both 19, weren't expecting three babies and didn't go through any kind of fertility treatment. According to Logan, the doctors didn't even know how rare it was to have identical triplets. "It was a one in six million chance of ever happening," Logan said.

This first-time dad thought his luck was so good that he bought a lottery ticket. While he didn't end up winning big money, his family certainly got a lot bigger.

As far as what it was like to add three new faces to the family, Logan says the whole process was as a little overwhelming.

"It was pretty exciting when we found out there was three in there. [I was] a little scared there because I was expecting one and got three." He got pretty emotional too, "I did cry a lot." Amber on the other hand was quite surprised but "stayed calm the whole entire time."

When Amber needed an emergency c-section four days before the due date, Logan says he freaked out. However, once he saw his daughters he said, "I was like wow, those are my kids.  I can't get any better than that. I have three girls. First try. I have a lot to do now."

Speaking of lots to do, Logan finds it hard to tell his three little girls apart. For now, he's able to tell them apart by where they are in the hospital room.

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