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Fire Destroys the Popular Goff’s Hamburgers near SMU

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UNIVERSITY PARK -- The building that's home to Goff's Hamburgers - a University Park classic for over 60 years - is no more after Friday's massive 3-alarm fire.

The restaurant has quite a following - and it's fans... needless to say - are disappointed.

"Me and my friends, we love Goff's. It's probably the best burger in Dallas," said Griffin Camacho, as he watched firefighters put out the fire. "It's a great restaurant. I'm sad to see it like this.

Not only did firefighters have to deal with putting out the fire - but they also had to deal with the heat as temperatures reached over 105 degrees in the DFW area Friday.

But it wasn't all bad. Like - for example - Stefani Watters, who made sure the firefighters were fed.

"I ran over to Diggs Tacos and just opened up the credit card and said 'feed these firefighters.'" Watters told NewsFix. "We're just doing our part. Money comes and goes but these guys are putting their life on the line to keep our community safe. So it's the least we can do."

Seven businesses in total were evacuated because of the fire, but thankfully there were no reports of anyone being injured.

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