Tipping Point: Study Reveals Some Guests Don’t Tip Hotel Staff

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BELLEVUE, WA- To tip or not to tip? That's the big money question many Americans struggle with these days. A new study from Expedia on hotel etiquette revealed 30% of travelers do not tip hotel staff. This includes the maid, room service, valet, and porter. But, researchers also dug up that sometimes people are just clueless on who and when to tip!

So, it's probably common courtesy (and sense) to tip your waiter or the Chinese delivery man. But, it might not be for the movie theater usher. Although, on Broadway, the New York theater guide says a $1 to $5 dollar tip is appropriate.

If you ask the folks at the National Concierge Association you don't need to tip the lady or gentleman behind the desk -- but of course, it doesn't hurt to be generous.

Some home services like the cable guy can accept tips, although a glass of ice water is a compliment for excellent service.

FYI: Tipping the paperboy is cool, but it's actually illegal to tip your mailman.

Hey! Nobody can tell you how to spend your extra cash but just remember sharing is caring.