Summer Olympics Spark Interest In Swimming Classes

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DALLAS — If these Olympics have proved one thing, it’s that the USA owns the water!

Yeah, going into Friday’s events, the Americans had won 24 medals, 11 of them gold.

But while the Olympians dominate the pool, back home, swimming doesn’t come so easy to most Americans!

According to the Red Cross, 54% of adults “either can’t swim or don’t have all of the basic swimming skills.” That’s where adult swimming classes like Dallas Swim come in.

“People go on YouTube and they want to swim like Michael Phelps immediately; they need to start with the foundation of just swimming underwater,” said John Thorburn, the coach of Dallas Swim.

The classes serve as a place for adults to overcome a fear of water, learn how to swim, or just get better in general!

“I wanted to learn how to swim,” said one of the students, Lucious Williams. “I swim a little bit but I didn’t swim enough to actually be professional at it, so I wanted to learn a little bit more about it.”

Thorburn says there has been a big uptick in interest for swimming classes since the Olympics began, and for him that increase in interest is a huge deal. Because in his mind, swimming isn’t just a sport, it’s a survival skill.

“It’s amazing how many adults, if they fell off a boat in deep water, they would drown,” Thorburn said.

So while it may be a little too late to turn into the next Phelps or Ledecky, getting back in the water may win you something way more important than a gold medal: Your Life!