Karmatic: App Lets you Yell At, Hit On Other Drivers

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DALLAS -- Imagine driving home from work one day and you get cut off multiple times. So you honk your horn - only to see the driver that cut you off seems unfazed by it, which irritates you even more!

What do you do?! What. Do. You. Do?!  Well, we have an answer in the form of an app! It's called Karmatic.

"What Karmatic is, is it allows users to connect via license plates," explains the founder of Karmatic, Scott Popescu. "Which, right now, there's nothing out there on the market that allows you to connect with other drivers."

In short, it gives you more options (read: other than honking) when someone irritates you while behind the wheel. For example, you can rate the person's driving skills, or give them a piece of your mind by sending them an audio message!

"There's way too many times when you're driving and you're thinking in your head 'this person can't drive', or  you're screaming at them, your passenger probably gets annoyed," says Popescu. "Especially with road rage increasing nowadays, too many people are actually confronting others. With Karmatic it's all done anonymously. So if you want to send an audio message they'll never know who you are."

But Popescu says they've discovered there's more to it than confronting a bad driver. "It was great! We've already had about 10 users say that they already scored dates using Karmatic."

And remember. This just launched a few days ago! So who knows? Maybe the next person that cuts you off will become your next date.