‘It Felt Like a Tower of Terror’: 24 Injured After Turbulence Hits Jet Blue Flight

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SACRAMENTO, CA -- Jet Blue Flight  #429 from Boston to Sacramento Thursday night was like a wild ride at your local amusement park. One passenger describes it as  Disney California Adventure's 'Tower of Terror'.

"We just dropped like that without a warning," she explained.

But the experience was anything but amusing for passengers. Severe turbulence forced the flight to land in Rapid City, South Dakota and people on the plane say things went from blue skies to dark in a matter of minutes.

"I  had a bag of chips on my lap my shoe went backwards and computers went up," another passenger explained.

Those who didn't have on their seat belts had minor injuries and 24 people were taken to a hospital.

"The guys behind us hit the over compartment and you can see where it cracked that's how hard they hit," one witness added.

The flight was able to touch down safely in Sacramento.