Celebrating the ‘Supernatural’ Legacy of Bobby Singer

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After 11 seasons of Supernatural, it’s safe to say that Bobby Singer has a left a mark on both Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), as well as audiences the world over. And while Bobby did end up dying in the series, one lesson fans of the series have learned is that death is most definitely not the end.

Friday (Aug. 12) is Jim Beaver’s 66th birthday. So, to celebrate, Zap2it took a look back at some of Bobby’s best Supernatural moments. If anything, it’s nice to hear the word “IdJit” hasn’t gone out of style.

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That 100 % ghost-proof panic room

In the second episode of Season 4, titled Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester, Sam and Dean have discovered that angels exist. Still trying to piece together whether there is a god and who this Castiel (Misha Collins) person is, Bobby provides the boys with a sense of awe-filled comfort when he takes them to his panic room.

“You built a ghost-proof panic room?,” Dean asks. Bobby’s reply: “I had a weekend off.”

Hell hath no fury than a Bobby scorn

Who can forget that one time that Sam set Lucifer free, thusly opening the world up to the coming apocalypse? Well, if it were up to Dean, that tidbit of information would’ve stayed between him and his brother.

But, guilt is a strong influencer and Sam spilled his guts to Bobby for some sort of solution. What transpired was the reaming of a lifetime.

The weird Bobby/Crowley relationship

In an attempt to stop Pestilence from wreaking havoc on Earth, Bobby temporarily sold his soul to Crowley. This “pawning,” as his references it, was sealed with a kiss. And luckily for Bobby, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) got the evidence right on his trusty smart phone.

Working through some daddy issues

Suffering a head wound and in a coma, Bobby ended up reliving random memories and the most difficult one was definitely this confrontation with his abusive dad.

Watching his mother and younger self deal with the violence is hard at points, given how much of an anchor Bobby was to Sam and Dean, so the catharsis of young Bobby murdering his father comes through loud and clear.

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R.I.P. Bobby Singer

The head wound we referenced above ended up doing Bobby in and what transpired in the episode, titled Death’s Door, was one of Beaver’s strongest scenes. Equally emotional and heartbreaking, the story has an open end as we never heard Bobby’s decision on whether he will stay or crossover.

His great heavenly escape

Needless to say, Bobby stayed on Earth for a while and followed Sam and Dean around as a ghost. Those days were then mired by a double cross by Crowley which put Bobby in hell for a time before Sam broke him out, letting him find his rightful peace in heaven.

Yet, because the boys always need help with something, Sam and Castiel sought out Bobby’s assistance when Dean was plagued with the Mark of Cain. Busting him out of his own personal heaven — which was a simple existence inside his old house — Castiel enlisted the hunter to assist in breaking Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) out of prison.

Everything comes full circle

In Season 11, Bobby and Rufus (Steven Williams) returned from the grave to tackle a mystery in the episode, Safe House. With Sam and Dean investigating the same mystery in the present — while the episode followed Bobby and Rufus in flashbacks — Supernatural once again gave fans hope that this fan favorite will never disappear from the show.

Will Bobby Singer make an appearance in Season 12? Your guess is as good as ours.