This Woman Lost 150 Pounds and Kept It Off

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This week on Girl Power, we take a look at Christine Carter’s alternative approach to weight loss and how she’s kept it off while staying happy and healthy.

After trying traditional workout routines and diets and failing at it, her big ‘a-ha’ moment was when she went to a family reunion in 2014 when her favorite uncle couldn’t even recognize her. So when her co-worker underwent gastric sleeve surgery, Christine decided to make an appointment with that same doctor.

The surgery shaved off 60 pounds but it wasn’t the only thing that contributed to her successful weight-loss, she also hired a personal trainer who helped Christine with her eating habits and exercise. She kept up with the diets and workouts and loss an extra 90 pounds.

Here's what she had to say about her journey.

Tell me about your weight loss journey?
It was just two years I topped the scales at 275 pounds and I had really just tried everything I felt in my power to lose weight. And so two years ago I had weight loss surgery. I didn't have any intention changing my diets or changing my workout and so I started losing some weight just because of food restriction. But about 6 months later, I started gaining that weight back.

That is pretty common right? You hear about people who lose quite a bit at the beginning but because they didn't change their lifestyle it does start to creep back pretty easily.
Exactly, I made the decision a little over a year ago I found a trainer and I knew that I had to make changes in my life. And what I didn't know is the psychological changes that I really had to make about my relationship with food. And so it's been a really beautiful journey of learning how to eat, learning about my relationship with myself, my relationship with food, really getting involved with being active and working out and really just sticking to it and doing what you say you're going to do and seeing through.

If somebody out there is wanting to get weight loss surgery, what advice would you have for them going into that?
Definitely weigh your options. Check out obviously physicians, there's lot of different options as far as weight loss surgery is concerned.

Do you think people will need a plan for post-surgery habits?
Absolutely, a lot of people think it's the easy way out and it's not. Any weight-loss surgery patient will tell you that that is not the easy way out. So if you can go into it with the mindset that 'hey I'm gonna let the be a tool for me but I'm gonna get it right and I'm gonna do this right.' You're gonna be a lot more successful and have a lot easy road post-surgery.