Susan Hawk Returns to Work After Being Treated for Mental Illness

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DALLAS -- It`s been a tough road back to the office for Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk, who returned to work Thursday for the first time since may after seeking treatment for depression and mood disorder at an Arizona clinic.

It's the third time she`s sought treatment since taking office last year. In fact, before Thursday, Hawk had only been at the courthouse 66 days this year.

The long absences are the reason why critics of the District Attorney believe she should step down from the position. But based on a statement hawk released Thursday she has no intention of going away saying, "...we have decided that I am ready to physically return to my job as the Dallas County District Attorney and continue my commitment of seeking justice on behalf of our community."

But for how long? That will be the lingering question in hawk`s latest attempt to prove once and for all that she can fulfill her duty as District Attorney.