Simon Says: Think it’s Going to Be a Landslide Election? Don’t Listen to the Blowhards

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DALLAS -- I have an issue with the experts, psychics, and blowhards.  You know who you are, the person who always seems to predict things will always go bad.

A lot of you thought the streets of Cleveland during the Republican National Convention would look like a big riot.

They weren’t.

Rio was predicted to be the host of the ‘cluster games” instead of the Olympic games, but so far  the worst thing to happen is a pool that has me craving green Gatorade.

Remember Y2k?  We never started living like Fred Flintstone 16 years ago.

Four years ago,  when some of you thought the Mayan’s were on to something with 2012, many realized it was just a plan to give John Cusack a job.

Yeah, the arrow does point down a lot with predictions. No disrespect to your local weather forecaster, but it seems there’s a lot of misses the big storm will hit you where you live. At least this guy with the National Weather Service apologized for being off the mark.

Doom and gloom is a very popular bandwagon,  although it could help you live longer? The American Psychological Association says pessimism about the future may lead to a longer healthier life.

Well,  that’s one theory, but here’s another: ya’ just don’t know..what you don’t know! Listen to your gut, not the experts. Especially the people predicting  Clinton in a landslide come November.

Because predictions  can prevent you from putting your best foot forward. Unless of course ,  (Mr. Trump) your foot ends up in your mouth!