Mysterious ‘Vote JFK’ Billboards Popping Up Around Dallas

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DALLAS -- We're just a few months away from a pretty big vote, so it's not too surprising to see campaign ads from Clinton and Trump.  But John F. Kennedy?

The retro JFK billboards popping up around Dallas seem a little out of place.

"Ya know," said passerby Jamie Bernstein. "It really caught my eye."

That's kind of the point.  The answer to the Mystery Of The Vote Kennedy Billboards is hidden in the fine print.

The ads point to the JFK-themed Sixth Floor Museum in downtown Dallas, where an election-year special exhibit called "A Time for Greatness" is on display.  The exhibit focuses on Kennedy's 1960 presidential campaign and features information and memorabilia.

Among them?  The poster that the new billboard is based on.

Bernstein's a fan of the advertisement.

"I felt that it was really relevant, and pretty remarkable, given this current election cycle," she told NewsFix. "Historic JFK, connection to Dallas, really kinda just felt relevant to this really historic and unique moment that we're having."

Yeah, and given our choices this year, some of us might find ourselves wishing we could Vote Kennedy...

Said Bernstein: "I would vote for JFK in a heartbeat."