Let’s Talk! DPD Hosts Community & Police Bonding Event

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DALLAS -- It was the kind of talk that this city needs. Hundreds of teens packed out the AT&T Performing Arts Center for the "Let's Talk: Police & Youth Forum" hosted by the men and women in blue, star athletes, and other community leaders. And this year's words might've been even more meaningful considering the most recent violence in the city.

"The talking point theme for this event is to try and establish early on in a young person's life a good relationship with police officers," DPD Chief David Brown told NewsFix.

But, "talking" is what Dominique Alexander said he wanted to do before he was arrested Wednesday evening for several warrants.

The founder of Next Generation Action Network turned up at city hall, demanding the mayor and council talk about police shootings involving African Americans. Instead, Alexander was issued a criminal trespass warning then arrested for outstanding warrants.

Before the arrest, Chief Brown posted an email exchange between him and Alexander on DPD's blog site.

Brown insisted that Alexander cancel the protest over concerns of officer's safety in the Downtown area. He said he would meet up with Alexander if he finds another place for future protests.

Thursday morning Alexander was released from jail after paying a toll tag fine.