Drunk Or High? Scientists Tell What Kind Of Sex Gets People Going!

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NEW YORK CITY -- Sex is a subject we've all talked about before. Now, scientists have answered one burning question-- which is better? Drunk or high sex?

A few curious researchers at NYU recruited 24 willing adults to dish on their under the influence sexcapades.

They said one downside of getting high was possibly affecting your motivation to actually do the do.

When it comes to getting drunk they came up with a handful of low blows. Like being so wasted you have sex with someone you probably wouldn't get down with sober. Or the chances of nausea, dizziness, and blacking out before actually getting to the bed.

They've also determined drunk sex leads to riskier behavior like not caring about condoms and such.

So to finish things off, the majority of participants chose getting high before getting down. That's simply because you make better decisions and maintain self-control.

Hey! We're all about exploring new heights, but who needs a study to dictate your bedroom adventures?