Video: Looks Like Malia Obama Was Smoking Pot at Lollapalooza

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CHICAGO, Ill. — Video has popped up showing Malia Obama, apparently, smoking pot at Lollapalooza last month.

The video surfaced Wednesday showing a girl sticking out her tongue and dancing in the foreground while Malia Obama is in the background taking a hit off of some sort of rolled cigarette. But we’re not saying it’s a marijuana or weed or maryjane or pot blunt / doobie / joint because we weren’t there. But what would your parents think you were smoking if they saw you in a video like this?

Lollapalooza is what Malia chose over the Democratic National Convention that was going on at the same time in Philly.

The First Daughter was spotted at Walgreen’s in Chicago before Lollapalooza; was she buying Visine? Cheetos? 😎

We don’t care. We don’t know what she was smoking, we do know she’s a kid, she did not sign up for the national spotlight, and she deserves the right to enjoy good music and go to concerts with her friends.