Dallas Vet Trades Wheelchair For Horse Hair

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DALLAS - It was riding day for some special guys at Texas Horse Park. But these special riders weren't just horsing around, they’re amputees with Adaptive Training Foundation.

"They work with veterans and civilians that have physical challenges. and they try to push their limits and get them doing things that maybe they didn’t think they could do," said Jeff Hensley with Equest.

Army soldier Kevin Trinvley, who lost both his legs and one arm in battle, tried his hand at the reins.

“September 18th, 2011, we were clearing a little village for IED’s and we found one the hard way. A friend of mine stepped on one eleven feet away from me," said Trinvley.

But that won't stop him from moving on. These folks made riding the trails look easy. But there are some drawbacks when you get back on the horse. “The hardest part of riding a horse is definitely getting on to the horse initially," said Trinvley.

Other than that, they feel like they`re high on their horse. “It’s nice to be taller than people for a change," said Trinvley.

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