FDA Begins Nationwide Regulation of E-Cigs & Vapes

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NORTH TEXAS - The FDA is no longer blowing smoke when it comes to cracking down on vapes and e-cigs.

Starting Monday the regulation of tobacco products will extend nationwide. That'll include popular devices such as e-cigs and hookahs; it means minors will now be prohibited from buying vapes.

Also included in the legislation: vape shops will no longer be able to fully assist customers with putting their vaping devices together. Store-made juices will now be illegal to sell as well.

One of the reasons for the new regulation is that the long-term effects of e-cigs and vaping are currently unknown, that`s why manufacturers of vape juice will now have to undergo scientific review from the FDA.

Vaping has led to an overall decline in tobacco use across the country. Even so, use of tobacco is still prevalent amongst some ethnic groups.

A study by the CDC found the group with the largest percentage of cigarette smoking prevalence between 2010 and 2013 is Native Americans at almost 39 percent.

Whites and Blacks come in tied for second at just under 25 percent. Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders came in at 22.8 percent, while Hispanics were at 19.9 percent.

The FDA hopes more info like this about vaping and e-cig use will be available in the future so one day we`ll eventually find out if vaping has truly been a healthier alternative to cigarette smoke.

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