Drinking Coffee While Driving May Be a No-Go in New Jersey!

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TRENTON, NJ --  We all know there are certain things you just shouldn't do while driving. You know, like texting or putting on makeup.

But what about having a cup of joe on the road? It's pretty common to have a cafe latte on the way to work or while sitting in traffic, right?

Well, in New Jersey, driving while caffeinated could soon be against the law.

Yup, Assemblyman John Wisniewski - proposed bill A-1908.  He says it's time for New Jersey to wake up and smell the coffee. Under his bill, anything that could distract someone behind the wheel, including coffee, would be banned.

If caught with java or any other drink, you could be fined anywhere from $200 - $400 for the first offense, $600-$800 for the second and a third time could get your license suspended.

The bill is already catching heat with tweets like:



If hasn't come up for a vote.  Who knows if it ever will?

But if the bill becomes law, commuters are going to have to mocha before heading out.


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