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City of Denton Becomes Bee City USA 🐝

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DENTON - Before last week, bee keeping was illegal in the City of Denton -- and considered a nuisance. But the city now believes beekeeping is a good thing.

Denton County Bee Keepers Association's Christina Beck says, “We got that through City Council and, at the same time, we also passed an ordinance declaration to become Bee City USA. We’re one of the first towns in Texas to do that. Beeville beat us of course.”

Beck says having healthy, free bees in town keeps bad bees out. “You can definitely tell when you have Africanized bees. Right now, we’re sitting in front of a hive; we’re just chatting and they’re pretty much ignoring us. If you have an Africanized hive, these bees would not be ignoring us; they’d be diving at us trying to sting," Beck says.

Over the weekend, an Oklahoma City Walmart had a busy time with bees when three people were stung in a parking lot. Turns out, a beekeeper was selling some hives and things got out of hand.

Beck says that like dogs, bees recognize faces. She says her hive behaves most of the time. “And they recognize other creature, too. If you had a raccoon that came out here constantly and picked on them, they’d recognize that raccoon and start attacking it," Beck says.

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