Dallas First Responders and Backers Pack City Council Meeting To Ask For Better Pay

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DALLAS, TX -- For a second straight week, people packed the house for the Dallas city council meeting.

Several people showed up at Tuesday's meeting to show their support for paying first responders more money.

"They've had to beg, borrow, and steal to try to make what's right with the fair pay for police officers," Frederick Frazier with the Assist the Officer Foundation said

"$32 million was spent in overtime. That money should be put into pay so these officers aren't having to work those long hours or work double shifts," said Dallas Police Association president Ron Pinkston.

In an earlier report, CW33 showed you DPD pays their officers $7,000 less than the Fort Worth Police Department and $19,000 less than the city of Plano.

Frazier adds, "Go ask Fort Worth if they like what they see. They love it. They love getting these officers for next to nothing. They love us training these officers for millions and millions of dollars and just pissing it away. "

Dallas and law enforcement unions have been in talks for quite some time. Councilman Scott Griggs sides with first responders.

"I support pay raises over three years for all of our police officers, all of our firefighters, including our veterans," he said. "We need to support them all."

That response was greeted with a round of applause.

Griggs said if the current officers are paid more, Dallas will not have to keep spending so much money on training new officers.

He also asked for new ambulances to be put in the budget.

For now, we will play the waiting game as council and first responders try to reach an agreement.

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