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Manic Monday: Pickets and Delays Greet Airline Passengers

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DALLAS--Monday was a rough day to be an airline passenger.

Just to get *in* to the airport for a Southwest flight you had to walk past informational pickets.  Yeah,several unions were out there. Nobody's on strike but they're not happy with their bosses.

"We've been bargaining for over three years during a time when Southwest Airlines has experienced financial success and we're not able to share in that," said Audrey Stone, southwest flight attendants lead negotiator.

Unions have called for Southwest CEO Gary Kelly's head--or at least his job. Southwest says he's not going anywhere.

Over at Delta, the problems weren't *outside* the airport. They were in the terminal.
A power outage at the hub in Atlanta fouled up the airline's computer systems.

That left planes sitting on the tarmac and passengers sitting on the airport floor.

"This is the first time I've ever flown with Delta," Kim Deal said while waiting on her delayed flight from DFW to New York. "I mean, I understand things happen, but...."

Yeah, not a good first impression.

But the airline's trying to own up to the problem, waiving fees for flight changes.

Okay, so Monday wasn't the day to fly. Maybe Tuesday will be better.

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