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Heroin and Opiod Use On The Rise In U.S.

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Dallas-- Addiction takes on many forms. Addiction to alcohol, prescription pills and  illicit drugs is reaching epidemic proportions.

“Got involved with drugs at the age of 12. I think for some reason I had a morbid curiosity.”

Very few people know the effects of heroin and opioid use better than Todd. After turing to harder drugs by the time he was in his 20’s, he was homeless, and had a MRSA infection from using dirty needles.

“A lot of people talk about rock bottom, I don`t really believe in rock bottom, because I was at rock bottom just scraping along for 10 years and for whatever reason this last time I just woke up.”

“Most people don`t think addiction is treatable, because most people don`t understand the science and what we have out there at our finger tips to help change people`s lives and change the lives of families,” Dr. Harold C. Urschel said.

Dr. Urschel with Enterhealth center says opoid and heroin addiction has skyrocketed over the last few years. In fact the CDC says in 2014 more people died from drug overdoses than in any other year on record.

“Most people never think they are going to be a heroin addict, they think this could never happen to me. The problem is they start using these pain pills that they think are safe and sometimes even prescribed by their physician, and a certain percentage of people will get addicted to those,” said Dr. Urschel.

Todd has been sober for the past year, in part due to advances in the way addiction is treated and a lot of faith.

“Really take that first leap of faith and get some help, and on those days when you`re really just struggling, Pray, pray, pray.”

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