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Dallas Police Warn of Scamming Skimming Gas Pumps

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DALLAS - It's getting to where credit card scammers are skimming everywhere now.

Dallas police are warning that skimmers were found at a gas station in north central Dallas. Lt. Tony Crawford of the Dallas Police Department explains, “They’re not visible from the outside of the gas pump and they all appear to be made by the same person or the same group.”

Skimmer scammers are going high tech to get your credit card numbers at the pump. But how are they getting them inside the pump without store employees knowing?

"These keys are available to the public, you can find one and they’re going in 2 or 3 O’clock in the morning while the clerks not able to observe everything that’s going on or they could be sitting there putting gas in the car and while they’re doing that they’re so good at it they could probably slip these things on," said Crawford.

The scammers never have to touch the pump again. But they do have to be online nearby. Crawford says, “This sophisticated technology is used with a blue tooth connection, this is the scary part. to transmit the data, what that means is that the suspect does not have to back into the pump in order to retrieve the information that he’s looking for.”

There is a sure fire way to keep your cards safe. Go pay for your gas inside the store and even better use cash.

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