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Lil’ Drummers: Youth Outreach Group Makes Their Own Rhythm

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DALLAS — You’ve probably heard the old phrase about “walking to the beat of a different drum.” Well 'Tha Bucketheads' take that life motto literally, turning buckets upside down and making their own rhythm.

“Tha Bucketheads started back in 2007 when I came off the road with MC Hammer,” said Tammy Walker, the group’s founder. “And I what I did was I came back and I showed them everything I had learned from being on the road with the Hammer. So what I did was put together a group of boys and girls to come out here, to bring us together to play and have fun on the buckets.”

Over a dozen kids drum on the buckets in perfect synch, throwing in cymbals, singing, dancing and even performing blindfolded. But there’s a lot more to this group than making a beat.

“We go out in the low-income area, we go out there in the high-risk area, we go and get these kids that nobody wants,” Walker explained.

So it’s the perfect after-school alternative for kids that might not have anywhere else to go, and as one of the ‘Bucketheads’ put it, “ We’re like a total family, so everyone here is like my brother and sister.”

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