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Gross! Researchers Just Picked Something Huge From Your Nose

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Boy with finger up his nose, Japan

Oh, you’ve picked a winner with this news!

Antibiotics are overused to the point where some bacteria are resistant to the medicine, turning the bacteria into ‘superbugs’. MRSA, anyone?

Because of that, researchers are constantly searching for new antibiotics to fight the resistant bacteria – and what they just found is as plain as the nose on your face.


In fact, it’s way on up inside that nose on your face.



ciscienceA Turkish Family on vacation.

It’s a great discovery because science is always looking for new ways to fight off superbugs. Lugdunin can kill MRSA in mice and rats and may be potentially used to treat other harmful infections as well.

While most antibiotics shut down bacteria from the inside, researchers are not 100% yet on how lugdunin works. But they do know the discovery is huge. Findings were reported in Nature as researchers continue studying whether it’s safe and effective for people to use.

Looks like a new antibiotic drug could be on its way in and MRSA — and other superbugs — on their way out.


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