ReBoot Program Aims To Help Support Veterans Health

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DALLAS -- One of the biggest concerns for our fighting men and women is the battle after combat adjusting to civilian life.

“The top five symptomatic issues that are plaguing or veterans today are traumatic brain Injury, post traumatic stress, chronic pain, addiction, and insomnia,” retired lieutenant Morgan Luttrell said.

Luttrell served 14 years with the U.S Navy. He knows, inside and out, the effect a traumatic brain injury has on someone.

“A lot of times the on-set for these symptomatic issues is so slow, it's a snowball effect. Even the family members can`t catch it before it`s too late.” Luttrell said Wednesday

After suffering from a TBI himself, this retired seal became a neuroscientist.

“One of the biggest problems that I faced as a veteran seeking out traumatic brain injury treatment was I just didn’t know where to go and that's where the Reboot program comes in.”

The reboot program, headed by Luttrell, is a comprehensive approach to help give these hometown heroes a shot at a normal life.

“We bring in an omni directional approach. We hit them with everything that science has to offer today, and again giving those candidates those proverbial tools for their tool box will just help them along the way.”

“It’s really important for veterans to understand that they are not alone, and come and speak to someone like an organization like Reboot campaign so you can be with other people that are also struggling, and see the hope in the future we want to provide for you,” Robyn Payne, CEO of The Boot Campaign, told Newsfix.

The Boot campaign employs vets  who’ve literally been in the shoes of returning military. They know what the vets need and how to get it.

“We do our due diligence to really get at the root problem of a particular veteran and say, 'You are not lost, we are not giving up on you.' This is what we are here for,” Luttrell said.

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