Pay Plea: Dallas Police & Fire Stand Together In Hopes of A Pay Raise

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DALLAS -- They ditched their uniforms for a day and marched to City Hall to demand a pay raise. Dallas Police Department and Dallas Fire packed the room Wednesday morning to address the money issue that's been around for years.

"Our police and fire united are lagging behind the suburbs by 15% in pay and we're losing experienced firefighters and experienced police officers to the suburbs," Ron Pinkston with Dallas Police Association.

Check out the pay gap between Dallas and other cities:

The groups are asking the council for a 5% increase every year for the next three years.

"This will catch up and get us competitive again where we can maintain and control the officers that are here," Pinkston added.

It doesn't stop at the rookie level. First responders who've served several years on the force are also asking for a better salary.

"If you just take care of your younger officers, what happens when somebody who has 25 years says 'I'm no longer being valued and no longer am I being fairly compensated'," Cristian Hinojosa with Hispanic Firefighters Association added.

The men and women say they'll be back next week to speak to the council about the pay raise.

Until then, they're backing up each other. Only this time, the message is: "Pay Dallas Police and Fire"

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