Flossing Your Teeth Doesn’t Work and Wastes Your Time

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Your parents, your dentist, other oral health professionals, and even the federal government have preached forever that flossing your teeth is necessary to prevent gum disease and cavities.

But new research by the Associated Press says it’s a waste of time and there’s NO unequivocal proof that flossing does any good at all.

no good

Dentists everywhere just dropped their drills and are shining that big overhead light at us right now.


According to AP, the federal government has never really studied flossing, even though research is required for flossing to be one of the guidelines. Yet, somehow it has been on the list of dietary guidelines for nearly 40 years – that is, until after last year when AP asked for documents to back the government’s evidence, going so far as filing Freedom of Information Act requests.

But alas, there were no documents. Flossing is a hoax.


The government reportedly admitted research on the effectiveness of flossing had never actually been conducted. That admission, along with comparing in-depth studies of brushing vs. flossing, led AP to conclude that flossing offers no medical benefit.


So this year in the federal government’s dietary guidelines, there is nothing about flossing.


Repeat: No one has to floss.


You die-hard dental nerds out there can still floss, though. We feel certain that whatever research was not being done before is being done now.


Dentists out there are already having a great time with the story.

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