Breaking Myth: Cops Caution to Dismiss Popular Internet Rumor

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IRVING - The issue of dogs being left in cars is a hotter topic than the triple digit temps that come along with summer, so much so that now there`s a popular belief circulating that may end up getting some dog lovers in trouble.

The rumor is that cops have officially approved measures to prevent people who break a car window to save a dog from facing criminal charges. Well, we've got some bad news dog lovers; it’s a lie!

Yeah, the popular urban legends reference site has determined that the claim simply isn`t true. The rumor explains that if you see a dog locked in a hot car, take a pic of the dog in the car then take a screen shot of the current temp then you have the right to break the window.

Officer James McLellan of Irving PD says don't fall for it, "All of the actions of that person are going to be scrutinized and what they did or did not do and there may have been a more reasonable alternative and if that's the case then they may find themselves finding a citation or some other criminal prosecution."

So even though you may have the best of intentions just know that if you break a window to save a pup, it`s you who will be in the doghouse.

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