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Jose Cruz: Family & Friends Still Seeking Justice

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DALLAS - Over the past month, protests about police brutality have been re-sparked due to the deaths of Alton sterling and Philando Castile, but you might have forgotten about an incident that led to protests back in March.

Sixteen-year-old Jose Cruz was shot and killed by off-duty Farmers Branch cop Ken Johnson. Police say it started when Johnson confronted Cruz and another person as they were breaking into a car. It led to a car chase, which ended in Cruz being shot to death.

Cruz's family and friends have demanded that Officer Johnson be indicted and prosecuted for murder.

On Monday Carlos Quintanilla, along with Cruz's family and friends, gathered to reaffirm their demands in remembrance of Cruz on what would've been his 17th birthday. "Today's a continuation of our campaign of protest to send a message to the District Attorney that it's been almost 4 months and there has been no indictment," Quintanilla said.

Quintanilla says he and the Cruz family are frustrated that officers haven't come forward condemning the acts of Officer Johnson, saying, "What officer Ken Johnson did was criminal, unacceptable and should be prosecuted. Not one police officer has come out and said the death of this young man should not have happened."

Cruz's family and friends feel like their issue has been forgotten in the midst of the shootings that took place in downtown Dallas. Sindy Saldivar, the mother of Cruz’s former girlfriend, says she and the family are frustrated. "Going on five months already and we have not seen an indictment on Officer Ken Johnson. He's a murderer," she said.

Meanwhile, Quintanilla says he and the family are also upset that not one cop has denounced the actions Officer Johnson took on that day. "That's unacceptable to me, that's unacceptable to the family and that's why we're here and we're going to keep on going until he gets indicted and he gets sent to prison," he said.

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