The 100: Forget Clexa & Bellarke, Season 4 Is All About Ice Mechanic

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Hot on the heels of the announcement that the Ice Nation’s King Roan (Zach McGowan) would be returning in Season 4 of “The 100,” a new and interesting ‘ship began to create some buzz among the fans and cast of The CW’s post-apocalyptic drama.

Roan might have spent the first half of Season 3 chasing after Clarke (or Wanheda, as we still like to call her), but thanks to some tweets from Lindsey Morgan, who plays “The 100’s” resident mechanic, Raven, we’re wondering if Roan might be spending his days chasing after someone new in Season 4.

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In a subtle bit of emoji art, Morgan has tweeted out a few hints that the pairing of Raven and Roan might not be as theoretical as fans believe.

For those of you less emoji-savvy, the ice-cream cone/wrench combination is code for “Ice Mechanic” the adorable ‘ship name the fans have dubbed the Raven/Roan relationship with.

If you’re totally lost in regard to this pairing, you’re probably not alone. It’s hard not to have chemistry with someone as awesome as McGowan, but even we’re impressed with the way this ‘ship seemed to spring right up out of nowhere. Roan and Raven had a cumulative 30 seconds of shared screen time last season, but fans still are nuts over the possibility of a romance between these two.

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For that reason — and that reason alone — we’re choosing to remain cautious about whether or not Morgan’s tweets are a clue or just a nod to the passionate fans.

After all, creator Jason Rothenberg has said that rather than unite the Ice Nation and Sky People, the impending nuclear apocalypse is set to do just the opposite, causing an even further rift between the two groups. That might make it hard for Raven and Roan to get any flirting time in between warring clans and fighting off radiation.

On the other hand, it all has kind of a “Romeo & Juliet” vibe to it, doesn’t it? Plus, Queen Raven just sounds right.