Rio Water Unfit For Olympics; How Does Dallas Avoid The Same Fate?

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DALLAS — With the Olympics just four days away, some of the traditional excitement of the games has been dampened by the conditions of the host city, Rio.

Most notably the waters that some athletes will have to swim through are unfathomably filthy.

One expert simply said, “Don’t put your head under water” or you risk “getting violently ill”.

But of course, you know the old saying: judge not! Here in Dallas we’ve had some water problems ourselves with the state of the Trinity River.

Litter, tires and that unmistakeable odor unfortunately became hallmarks for the waterway, and two and a half years ago the city council approved over three million dollars to go towards cleaning the river up. So has the effort paid off?

According to the folks we’ve talked to, yes! Bikers and joggers alike who say they frequent the trails by the Trinity say that in recent years the river has gotten way cleaner and the smell has gone away.

So for now it seems the city’s efforts has kept us from going the way of Rio, but it takes constant vigilance on everybody’s part to keep it up. So to borrow a popular phrase: “Don’t Mess With Texas”.

Because one day we might be hosting the Olympics, and it goes against Texas hospitality to make folks afraid to go in the water!