Garland College Bucks Trend, Allows Guns on Campus

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GARLAND - August 1 the 50th anniversary of the UT Tower sniper shooting, where former Marine Charles Whitman gunned down 14 people.

Lawmakers say it was a coincidence that the anniversary of the shooting falls on the same day the campus carry law goes into affect at UT and all other Texas public colleges.

The law only allows concealed carrying of guns by people who have a license to carry. That means no student under 21 will be allowed to carry on campus.

That's for public schools; but for private universities, they could opt out of the law.

While almost all private colleges in Texas have opted out and will not allow guns on campus, Amberton University in Garland bucked the trend and now allows students to be packing while learning.

University President, Dr. Melinda Reagan explains, "It’s not surprising that we are the only private university in Texas to do this, simply because the unique nature of our students."

The average student at Amberton is 38 years old and 84% of them have graduate degrees and are going for their masters. “These are mature working adults, older adults, many of them are working professionals." said Dr. Reagan.

So come fall semester, by law you still won’t see any baby faced freshman, fresh out of high school,  packing heat on campus anytime soon.