Instagram Will Allow Users to Filter Comment Sections on Posts

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MENLO PARK, CA -- It's time for Instagram trolls to watch out.

The Washington Post reported the popular app added a new feature that could stop hateful comments from seeing the light of day.

Here's how it works:

Users can decide if they want to "moderate" comments by not allowing certain words to be posted in comments. Users can also get rid of a comments section all together on every post.

The head of Instagram's public policy confirms some celebrities will get to test out the feature first.

One of those celebrities who may have used the feature already is Taylor Swift.

Some people accuse Swift and Instagram of working together to make sure hateful comments being posted on her account were deleted a week later. This is part of the fallout after Kim Kardashian-West leaked a conversation between Swift and Kanye West.

The feature will be available for all users in a few weeks.