Satan Education May Be Coming to An Elementary School Near You!

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SALEM, MA. --  Religion is a touchy subject when it comes to our schools. Praying, saying "God bless you," even saying the pledge of allegiance has gotten people pretty heated.

But what if there were a program that wants to teach kids about Satan instead of angels?

Well, there is!

Leaders of the Satanic Temple say Christianity had its chance to drill heavenly ways on American kids. So they think it's their turn to give school kids a choice. It’s a battle that’s been going on for ages between Jesus and Satan.

On Monday, After School Satan Clubs began petitions and pitches for "After School Satan," to roll out with the new school year in Los Angeles, Washington, and Atlanta.

They targeted schools hosting The Good News Club, an evangelical Christian after-school program.

But the real question is what will they teach?

According to Doug Mesner, the Satanic Temple's co-founder, the lessons will be more about religious liberty than worshiping Lucifer.

It will also include a healthy snack and a literature lesson. We wonder if healthy snacks and more lessons are going draw any kids over to the dark side?