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Man With Box Cutter Is Shot By Fort Worth Police Officer!

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FORT WORTH -- These days, anytime you hear about an officer involved shooting; it seems we all get involved. Whether it’s with opinions, debates or finger pointing we all have something to say!

Around midnight Thursday, Fort Worth Police Department got a call about a robbery going down at a local gas station.

An off-duty cop and Tarrant County sheriff's deputy happened to be in the area and saw a guy matching the description of the robber.

"They approached the person, they told him to stop and the person kept walking,” says Sgt. Marc Povero, a Fort Worth public information officer.

We’re told, he was asked to put his hands up and didn't and then pulled out a shiny, silver object.

"The Fort Worth officer, fearing for the safety of the Tarrant County deputy, fired two times from his service weapon, striking the person once."

That guy is in critical condition. The police say that shiny object was a box cutter and no one is sure, if he was the actual robbery suspect.

There are a lot of questions here. Especially why someone may have thought flashing something like this was a good idea?

Well, thank goodness for those body cameras’ the police have, that will hopefully cut to the chase of what actually happened.


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