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Where’s Baby? Town Takes Proactive Approach to Preventing Hot-Car Tragedies

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PANTEGO, TEXAS -- It's hot outside, y'all.  And it gets even hotter in parked cars.  We all know these things of course, but folks keep forgetting that their kids or pets are in their cars when they get out.

Often with tragic consequences.

"I've had to personally break a window in the not-too-distant past, because a child was in a vehicle and wasn't very responsive," said Thomas Griffith.  "It can happen anywhere."

Griffith is the Chief of Public Safety in Pantego, Texas.  He's decided to take a proactive approach to the hot-car problem that's already claimed at least five young lives this year in Texas alone.

Pantego has started a "Look Before You Lock" campaign.  Officers have placed posters on local businesses that read, "Where's Baby?"

"When someone's walking into a business, this poster hits them in the face," Griffith said. "Maybe if they've left their child in the vehicle it will prompt them to turn around and go back and get their child."

Chief Griffith hopes to avoid putting his town - nestled in the center of the Metroplex - on the map with a tragedy.  And he says hopefully other cities will start campaigns similar to his.

"It's about the children," the chief told NewsFix.  "And we can start small and spread this campaign through the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex."

Hopefully it works, too.  Because we're tired of having to tell stories with tragic endings.

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