Ruff Life: Baku’s Dreaming of a Life With You

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DALLAS -- In Japan, a baku is described as a supernatural being that devours dreams and nightmares.

Here in Dallas, a nightmare was devouring Baku.

"You name it, Baku had it,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman. "He had a really bad case of mange, rips in his ears, lacerations, bites, broken feet, he needed hip surgery. As you can see, it was really urgent that we get him out of the shelter so that we could get him some help.”

Yep, the folks at Dallas Pets Alive! know all too well that help can go a long way, and Baku had a long way to go.

Sure, life left him limping around, but in no time this pit mix went from down and out to rolling and wagging.

This nightmare devouring Baku isn’t dashing wildly through your dreams either. Nope! He’s got manners!

"He knows how to sit, to stay. He also knows ‘No,’” Edman said.

He’s truly got one favorite activity though.

"After napping for the better part of the day, Baku loves to eat his dinner and you guessed it, take another nap,” Edman said.

Wait…food and naps? Baku is aiming for the life we’d all like to have.

Sweet dreams, big guy!

We know you’re using those Z’s to keep those nightmares far away.

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