Racism Claims on Airbnb Inspire New Website Promoting Diversity

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TAMPA, FL -- Truth is, no one likes to be discriminated against anytime or anyplace.

But, apparently #AirbnbWhileBlack is a thing for some customers.

Accusations have been flying around about how some travelers are being rejected by Airbnb hosts because of their race.

A  recent study out of Harvard found that African American guests were less likely to be approved for bookings than white guests. But, now thanks to booking sites like Innclusive.com , the color of your skin won't be an issue.

The owners of the site told the Washington Post that they've experienced their fair share of racial profiling when trying to book a stay. Unlike Airbnb, Innclusive uses tools that prevents hosts from seeing pics of guests until after the booking is approved.

But, check this out: If a host on Innclusive.com rejects a potential guest after seeing their photo, they'll get blocked from booking the property on the requested dates.

That's a MAJOR key alert!

Airbnb says they are working to prevent discrimination of any kind and have recently hired former U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder to help with those efforts.

Because vacationing is supposed to be fun and colorblind.

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