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New Eats: Amsterdam Falafelshop In Deep Ellum

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Image via Flickr: valkyrieh116

By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

It’s been over a decade since Scott and Arianne Bennett created their first Amsterdam Falafelshop in Washington, DC, and just over a month since they opened a franchise store in Deep Ellum.

The restaurant’s website boasts that the couple “brought the exciting flavors of Europe and the Middle East, to the United States,” and after a stop off in the restaurant and a conversation with a few customers, it seems Scott and Arianne came close enough to the real deal.

The idea is simple. Amsterdam Falafelshop’s customers have a choice of either a bowl or a pita of freshly-fried falafel or shwarma, which is slow-grilled lamb sliced off of the spit right in front of the customer.

Once a choice has been made, the patron can now mosey over to a decadent bar full of toppings, and create the bowl or sandwich of their choice. With a side of twice-fried Dutch fries and a drink, hunger is rapidly abated.  On the other hand, the option of a brownie for dessert is a tantalizing possibility.

Falafel: What Is It?

A combination of mashed chickpeas, spices, and a few other fixings probably doesn’t sound appetizing to some people (while the idea of these fine ingredients being fried will not appeal to others). Yet, somehow, this combination makes for a perfect, flavorful bite that is accentuated by the pita or topping choices.

An Enhanced Salad Bar

Amsterdam Falafel offers over twenty topping choices from traditional favorites such as Tahini or Turkish salad to other options that require a brave palate, such as baba ganoush or yogurt dill. The variety requires patience, and a willingness to taste something new, though there is no way to experience every savory delight in one visit. This multitude of toppings almost begs for a foodie to return until they make the ultimate falafel or shwarma combination.

Something For Everyone

A nifty option is a breakdown of allergens at the cash register, so those with gluten or certain vegetable allergies know what not to pick, and those freely given can be enjoyed or diverted without mishap. The prices are set, so there is no surprise when the customer is given their total. The staff is friendly and eager to discuss what is or is not in the food. With all of these open, honest qualities, it is no shock that this franchise continues to grow. Amsterdam Falafelshop is set to be a delicious meal no matter the time of day because the best part is that this restaurant is open from 11 AM until midnight.

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