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Man Wins Own Island for Less than $50

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FINFUKUL, KOSRAE, MICRONESIA - With the Powerball north of $400 million it can get ticket buyers daydreaming about what they`d do with all that money and one of the most popular choices on the list of splurges is a personal island.

But what if we told you that you didn`t need to be a millionaire to buy your own slice of heaven? In fact what if we told you that you might be able to get that island with just the change in your pocket?

That`s what happened to an Australian man who entered a raffle for $49. Yeah, for less than $50 he won ownership of a tropical getaway in Micronesia. The contest was organized by the owners of the Kosrae Nautilus Resort who instead of selling the paradise to the highest bidder wanted to make the island affordable to everyone. As of now, the business is debt free, profitable and already fully staffed.

What a lucky man, but an island getaway in the land of luck also awaits those who don`t feel nearly as fortunate.

Officials of the remote Irish island Inishturk are urging Americans who are terrified at the thought of Donald Trump becoming president to consider a move to their small community. No word on if they're accepting of those worried about a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Regardless, leaders are attempting to get the current population of 58 an uptick in an attempt to secure the island`s future. According to officials one of the main draws is the great education system; with only three kids in the island`s primary school, you`re pretty much guaranteed a one-to-one pupil to teacher ratio.

So Trump haters, make sure to keep your travel plans open.

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