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Celebrity Endorsements: Will They Really Make A Difference in the Polls This Election?

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PHILADELPHIA, PA --  We’re kind of used to this, right?  Any time there’s an election going on, an influx of celebrities come out of the woodwork with their opinions of who you should vote for and Tuesday night, the Democratic National Convention, did not disappoint.

The celebrities have been out there the past two weeks. Some still feeling the Bern and some, like Elizabeth Banks, Lena Dunham and America Ferrera are without a doubt, with her.

Some are A-listers and others reruns like Scott Baio but it just seems like celebrities are taking themselves a little too seriously.

A hundred famous faces, like Bryan Cranston, Kerry Washington and Mark Ruffalo have formed a campaign to stop Donald trump. The campaign is backed with the hashtag #unitedagainsthate and a petition on The group plans on using their voice, to stop his.

But the real question is, with all these celebrity endorsements, does it really matter? Do we really care what these actresses and actors really have to say and do they have any influence at all?

"I don't care but at the same time it should be something to think about, because celebs have plenty of power, plenty of money, money brings power. Their vote counts,” says Fresh Jones.

Rodney McDonald says, "Celebrities have a lot persuasive power. They have a lot of influence; they can change the vote tremendously."

I guess its safe to say, celebrities should stay in their own lanes!

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