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Good News For DPD: Violent Crime Down, Applications Up

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DALLAS — July has been the toughest month ever for Dallas cops, but through it all there’s still some good news.

Back in March, the city was facing down a violent crime wave, with murder rates up 86% over last year. That’s when Chief David Brown announced the creation of the Violent Crime Task Force to deal with the problem. This weekend the VCTF said that as of this month, violent crimes are down 20% across the city.

Those aren’t the only good numbers for the department, though. After the tragic shooting on July 7, Chief Brown issued a challenge, telling everyone that if they wanted to help bring about change, “We’re hiring.”

Since then, DPD has received a huge influx of interest in joining the force with a more-than-300% increase in applications.

Of course, according to a recruiter for Dallas PD, there’s still one very important step in that application process.

“We have a huge influx in e-mails, but we test once a month alongside with our first Monday (of the) month testing,” said Charles Vaughn. “We’ll actually have to wait and see what comes through the door.”

So yeah, it’s up to those applicants to put their money where their mouths are and show up on testing day.

But no matter how you slice it, with violent crime rates down and applications up, there may be a silver lining on the horizon for a department that has endured so much.

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