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2-Year-Old Dies in Hot Car While Parents Are In Church

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DALLAS -- Police are investigating yet another hot-car death. This time it was a 2-year-old, left in a car while his parents were at church.  Apparently, his four siblings were taken out of the car, but the little boy was overlooked.

At some point, the family realized he wasn't in Sunday school, raced outside, and found the toddler in the backseat of the family's vehicle.

It's the fifth hot-car death in Texas this year alone - already matching last year's total, which was the most of any state in the Union.

We've seen kids left in cars in front of their homes, at shopping centers, and now at church.

We've seen graphics and numbers showing how hot cars can get in the sun, and how quickly.

We've heard warnings and tips on how to prevent these deaths...

But they just keep on happening.

In Pantego, the police are putting posters up at businesses asking "Where's Baby?" and reminding people to "Look before they lock."

But it's hard to argue with the caption someone wrote on one of them: "You shouldn't need a sign to tell you this."

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