Homeward Bound! Pets Go Free to New Homes During ‘Clear the Shelters’

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DALLAS -- For thousands of dogs and cats around the country, Clear the Shelters is a second chance.

"It's our hardest time of year to save as many lives as possible," said Dr. Cate McManus, Dallas Animal Services Operations Manager. "We have so many coming in and so many less going out."

That's why a day for free adoptions across more than 50 different North Texas shelters, and many more around the country is so valuable. While these dogs and cats get a second shot, some of their new owners are getting a first lick at love with a four-legged friend.

"He's ready for responsibility, and I want to give him a chance at it," said local mom, Kiera King.

King and her son came to DAS, and they started the quest for the six-year-old's first dog.

After looking for a little bit, the moment arrived. King nearly walked past the kennel that looked just like the rest, but as she was halfway by she stopped, noticing 12-pound Gypsy. No breed was listed on her card, but the tan and black cutie smiled up and caught both their eyes.

"I want that one!" her son, Kadyn, said as they checked her out through the glass door.

They perused a little longer, but the pair was pulled right back to Gypsy.

"Are you sure you want her?" Kiera King asked her son.

"Yes! I want that one!" he repeated.

After a short wait and a little paperwork, the now three-person family was out the door.

"Her size, her smile, and she just seemed very willing and ready and loving," Kiera said, explaining what exactly caught her eye about the two-year-old pup. "It's just me and him, so I'm glad he finally has someone to toy around with and play with."

Gypsy and thousands like her can be happy they'll be spending tonight out of the kennel and in the care of a forever friend.