Antiques Roadshow Makes Stop in Fort Worth!

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FORT WORTH --  We all have that spot in our home called the junk spot. You know, the basement, the attic, or garage filled with old toys, paintings, and knickknacks covered in dust. Just sitting there waiting for you to discover it!

“People come in with all these wonderful things, some are valuable and some are not, but some of them just have some great stories,” says appraiser David Lackey.

Well, today was the day to dust those little knickknacks off. The popular Antiques Roadshow makes its 4th stop in Fort Worth and someone's trash could become their treasure.

"You know it’s always a surprise when I’m in a city as to what might happen. In Fort Worth, I’m expecting to see - and it’s happened already - some really great furniture,” says Executive Producer, Marsha Bemko.

If you didn't quite make it out there, no worries! The Antiques Roadshow filmed three, one hour, shows on Saturday for its 21st season where you can learn more about antiques like porcelain dolls, old swords, and china cabinets!

In the end, there isn't really a guarantee anyone will walk out with a check worth thousands but what is guaranteed? A valuable history lesson that fans, friends and participants won't soon forget.