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COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA - In this edition of Travel Fix our world traveler Drew Binsky touches down in South America for plenty of fun in the sun and water, "I have now been in South America for about a week, I'm in Colombia.”

Eventually Drew went to see what life was like on one of the many islands in the area, "I made my way up north to's kind of on the Caribbean coast of Colombia so it's really hot, tropical, humid and then from there we took a boat farther north into the Caribbean to the Rosario Islands, it's a group of 27 islands that are really, really beautiful. Crystal clear ocean water, white sanded beaches and it was really, really fun. We had a private boat that took us out there, just a day trip.”

"On one of the islands was Pablo Escobar's mansion...he built an entire mansion on one of the islands.”

But Drew explains that there was something even cooler under the sea, "If you go off the beach into the sea, he had a private plane that was pretty big and it sunk in the water and you can actually go down there and I did, I looked down there underwater and it's funny, like all the corals are growing on the plane and all the fish are swimming in there, they made like an ecosystem out of it, it's pretty crazy."

Above ground Drew was right at home in his dancing shoes amongst the locals, "They do like the Salsa music stuff which I'm not really used to but it's pretty cool to check out. Normally when I go party in Asia or in America it's normally like a nightclub where it's like electronic music, I enjoy that, but here you don't find any EDM here, it's all just Salsa, Tango, the guys playing the flute and stuff."

All in all, Drew says he’s having a blast with our neighbors in the south, "It's been really fun, it's my first time in South America, I'm really enjoying it so far."

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Happy traveling!

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