No Love for Southwest Airlines After Glitch Causes Nationwide Delays

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DALLAS -- There are a couple of things in the world that, let's face it, no one likes.

For example, leaving your phone behind, not getting a piece of the cake at work, or experiencing a flight delay.

Whether it's a business trip or vacation, it can be really annoying.

So when Southwest Airlines experienced a glitch Wednesday afternoon, the love was nowhere to be found.

"There are seven, we're on our way, and the kids are in the Junior Olympics for water polo. So yeah, we're hoping to get out and get there.  I don't know, hopefully, today,” says, Judy Finkler a Southwest Passenger.

Online, people were unable to check itineraries or check in for flights. But nationwide, including Love Field,  700 flights were canceled Wednesday, passengers were stuck in long lines, and boarding passes were a struggle to print.

The chaos was all because of an outage!

On Thursday, with another 300 flights canceled, Southwest released an apology, saying everything is slowly getting back to normal.

But what if you found out your flight was delayed because of a broken coffee maker?

Yup, American Airlines isn’t experiencing any computer glitches. Instead, a cup of coffee was to blame when a flight from New York’s LaGuardia didn't leave on time.

It may sound crazy but a faulty pot could lead to a fire hazard. Some experts say coffee pot delays happen more than you think. Maybe we all need to hit up the Starbucks before we board.