Donald Trump Tweets to Wrong Scott Walker, Makes Reporter’s Day

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CLEVELAND – A New Orleans TV reporter has Donald Trump to thank for a sudden boost in his Twitter followers. Trump sent a congratulatory tweet to @ScottWalker6 Wednesday, thinking it was going to the governor of Wisconsin, whose Twitter handle is @ScottWalker. Oops.

Trump tweeted, “Thank you Governor @ScottWalker6! #AmericaFirst #RNCinCLE” with an image of Governor Scott Walker speaking behind a quote accusing Hillary Clinton of being the “ultimate liberal Washington insider,” and saying “If she were any more on the ‘inside,’ she’d be in prison.”

The only problem? The governor’s twitter handle doesn’t have a 6 at the end of his name.

Reporter Scott Walker, of WDSU, is loving it:


See Trump’s full tweet below: